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Banking Products

At Doucet Financial Group, we are proud to partner with leading financial institutions to offer a variety of banking products tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Our goal is to provide you with convenient and efficient financial solutions that enhance your tax preparation and financial services.

  • EPS powered by Pathward

    EPS, powered by Pathward, delivers comprehensive financial products designed to support tax preparers and their clients. With EPS, you can offer refund transfers, prepaid cards, and other banking services that simplify the tax refund process and enhance client satisfaction.

  • TPG Santa Barbara

    TPG Santa Barbara offers innovative banking products that help tax professionals manage their clients' needs effectively. From refund transfer services to advances on tax refunds, TPG provides reliable solutions to streamline your financial operations.

  • Refund Advantage

    Refund Advantage provides a range of financial services aimed at optimizing the tax preparation experience. Their products include refund transfers, advances, and other banking solutions that ensure your clients receive their funds quickly and securely.

  • Refundo

    Refundo offers flexible banking products that cater to the diverse needs of tax professionals and their clients. With Refundo, you can access refund transfers, prepaid cards, and other financial services that enhance your ability to serve your clients efficiently.